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Design Your Jacket

Jacket Type

  1. Shiraz
    Italian influenced, the Shiraz has a slim look and sloping shoulders. My favorite.
  2. Zinfandel
    Modern yet timeless, the Zinfandel has a more youthful trim fit, narrow lapels and higher button placement.
  3. Cabernet
    Designed for the athletic, the Cabernet includes a shaped waist, full drape chest and blades, and extended slope shoulders.
  4. Malbec
    The Malbec is designed for the larger man with fuller chest and shoulders.
The illustration on the right will not change to reflect the selected jacket type.

Colors -

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Accent Color:
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Side Pockets
Breast Pocket

Collar & Vent

Collar Style
Vent Style



  1. Prepared Sleeves
    Buttons are not attached, button holes have not been completed. A tailor would perform final measurements of your arms and finalize your jacket. This option provides the greatest accuracy in fit though the jacket should not be worn until the tailor has completed their work.
  2. Completed Sleeves
    Buttons are attached and button holes are completed. The garment is completed and tailoring is not necessary. This option is NOT recommended as the other two options provide the most accurate fit.
  3. Over Prepared Sleeves
    This option is similar to Prepared Sleeves but the buttons have been temporarily attached so that the jacket can be worn immediately after arrival. This option is recommended though the jacket will still need to be taken to a tailor for finishing.

Personal Label

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